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NEC 50MP2 - Numerous improvements and new capabilities that enhance its suitability to multimedia presentation applications.

NEC 50MP2 


Screen Size 50-inch diagonal
Resolution 1365 x 768
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
Colors 16.7 million
Weight 97.9 lbs / 44 kg
Dimensions 48.8in W 30.2in H 4.2in D
Power 120V 50/60 Hz
Inputs See PDF
Resolution Capabilities VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA
Video Standards n/a
Control Panel On board and remote
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor Standard
PDF Download PDF spec sheet



The PlasmaSync 50MP2 is NECís 50Ē XGA plasma monitor optimized for professional multimedia applications. The monitor has been designed specifically to deliver the main requirements for multimedia presentation with high-resolution support, broad compatibility with computer, standard video and HDTV signals and true multimedia support with built-in stereo audio and the ability to connect virtually any type of computer, video or audio source.

The 50MP2 includes a number of improvements and new capabilities that enhance its suitability to multimedia presentation applications:

Image Quality Improvements
Enhancements to the image quality performance in the 50MP2 are in the areas of contrast and color accuracy.
  • Contrast Ratio Ė which has been improved to 1200:1 (from 600:1) double that of the 50MP1.
  • AccuCrimson - Color realism is enhanced with AccuCrimson, which allows the monitor to produce more pure and realistic shades of red. Plasma monitors typically produce reds that are heavily shaded to orange. AccuCrimson suppresses the orange wavelengths in the light emitted by the panelís red phosphors to produce the purest shade of red possible. In conjunction with Capsulated Color Filter this provides extremely realistic color rendering.
More efficient power usage
Typical power consumption has been reduced by 25% to 450 Watts.

AccuShield modes
  • Pixel Refresh - A new operating mode has been added to the AccuShield phosphor protection system to provide additional means to extend the usable life of the display. Pixel Refresh is a white bar that scrolls horizontally across the screen. Pixel Refresh includes a timer and can be programmed to operate at specific times and durations. The white bar activates phosphors to interrupt the process of phosphor burn without interfering with the legibility of on-screen content.
  • Display of Inverse RGB and White Screen modes can now be controlled with a built-in timer that allows the user to set the frequency and duration of their display.
Presentation Tools
  • Split Screen - The functionality and options for using the split screen mode have been expanded. Size and resolution of side-by-side windows has been made equal The combination of signals that can be displayed simultaneously is increased to 8 The positions of the displayed signals can be switched from right to left side of screen Sub picture size in Picture-in-Picture can be selected as one of four different sizes.
  • Digital Zoom - The Digital Zoom function has been enhanced to 256 steps vs. 64 in the 50MP1 zoom. This provides smoother transitions in the enlargement and reduction of the image within the vertical/horizontal magnification range.

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